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Mahler 4 Amsterdam

• Architect: Erick van Egeraat associated architects
• Contractor: G&S Bouw BV, Amsterdam
• Completion date: 2009
• Building type: Commercial Office
• Façade type: Aluminum Single Skin Façades
Tags: cladding panels, composite panels, aluminium
Scheldebouw (Permasteelisa Group)

Mahler 4 Amsterdam

"The Rock is part of the Mahler development in the south east of Amsterdam. The cladding panels of the 94 m high building are prefabricated in the production facility of Scheldebouw.
The architect has given it’s own interpretation to the building planning regulations at this location, which is high rise with an anatomy of legs, trunk and head. By the use of shifted building volumes, tapered and crossing linings and the use of bright and black cladding materials (fritted glass, composite panels of rock material), a very expressive building has been realised, with different appearances when viewed at from different angles.

The various cladding panel infills consist of glass or aluminium sheet work of which the external face is printed in three different colours. At various locations vertical, cantilevering fins have been used. The facade has a diversity of slopes, cantilevers and recesses. The top of the tower consists of composite “rock material” covered with serpentino in several surface topographies and shapes. The composite panels have been installed in the factory at a large diversity of panels, alternating with vision glass.
All cladding panels have been installed without the use of scaffolding."
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