International Facade Community

FACE central database

The central facilities of FACE are a website, related website addresses and a database where all information is saved and remains available for use. This centre will offer Interactive functions:

  • to discuss relevant topics
  • to provide assistance through an integrated help-desk and FAQ
  • to provide information about vacancies and jobs
  • to set up and support various networks
  • to exchange ideas
  • to present and show projects and products
  • to participate in online courses and e-learning
  • to cooperate within Europe and worldwide
  • to promote the industry and its knowledge partners to owners and investors
  • to make R&D results and reports accessible
  • to initiate magazines and other publications
  • to promote interesting media, books and websites
  • to generate international awareness
  • to link up various communities and relevant websites

In order to organize these functions we offer several possibilities for companies to participate. The advantage of this participation is the availability of demand and supply organised in one and the same system.

Each set of tools in a package offers different possibilities and is linked to one systematic approach.

Special language

For highly effective and efficient communication we use a very practical and very visual language. All our messages follow the ‘3P’ sequence: from Projects via Products and components to People, who are informed, learn with e-learning modules and are given access to BIM information units or libraries. 

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Mission statement
Our ultimate aim is to raise façade architecture...
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FACE and its participants are committed to the innovative...
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