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How to write a BLOG

An article on a blog must comply other requirements than articles in a newspaper or magazines. Here we reach some tips to serve the readers with an attractive and proper blog article.
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Martijn Veerman


1.Keep it short

• 12 words per sentence as a guideline
• Short paragraphs
• Delete doublings
• Text between 500 and 1,200 words per article

 2.Write active!

• For example, not "The figures show a downward line," but "the figures fall '

 3.Write for the target

• Write understandable to the intended audience
• Minimize abbreviations
• If possible, use examples from the industry

 4.Write the text scannable

• Use short sentences (see point 1)
• Use short paragraphs
• Use subheadings
• Use bullets

5.Use good intros

• Write a provocative intro, make sure that readers get curious (for example with an anecdote, question or proposition)
• Start a text with the most important information directly. Or make directly clear in the intro where the article goes about.
• If it’s not possible to make a catchy intro, describe the 5 W's and H: what, when, who, why, where and how.

6.Pull the reader in the story you want to tell

• Subtitles, titles and bullet points should related to the content of the article story. But they also have to be highlighted and marked. This will be attracting to readers. 

7.If possible provide something extra

• Leave a relevant video, image or graph (don’t forget the source)




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