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Scheldebouw B.V., part of the Permasteelisa Group, has a long history and a proven good reputation in the field of project management, design, fabrication and installation on site of bespoke cladding and curtain walls for buildings in the top segment of the international construction market.
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Scheldebouw (Permasteelisa Group)


Since 2007 Scheldebouw B.V. is a merger of Scheldebouw - Middelburg and Permasteelisa Central Europe - Heerlen.

The name “Scheldebouw” comes from the operations in Middelburg, which started in 1923 as a timber joinery of a local shipbuilder to fabricate aluminium products and in 1958 entered the Dutch window and curtain wall market under the name Scheldebouw. During a long time the Middelburg operations also produced products for the military market, such as armoured aluminium fighting vehicles, aluminium shelters and aluminium furniture to fit out naval vessels. Since 1990 the Middelburg organisation is fully concentrated on the international curtain wall market.

The Heerlen part of the company originates from the German curtain wall company Josef Gartner & Co., of which the activities go back to 1868. In 1958 the German company started a subsidiary in the etherlands under the name ICB, which was later changed to Josef Gartner & Co. Nederland.
The operations in Heerlen are in addition to the production of curtain walls also specialized in patination of profiles and sheet work in accordance with their own unique processes.

Scheldebouw Middelburg merged in 1995 with the Permasteelisa Group (Headquarters Venice).
The German company Gartner, including its Dutch subsidiary, merged with the same Group in 2001. The subsidiary in Heerlen was at the same time disconnected from Gartner and continued trading as a separate subsidiary in the Group under the name Permasteelisa Central Europe B.V. (PCE)

In 2007 the decision was made to merge the two relatively large companies of the Group in the Netherlands and to continue under the name Scheldebouw B.V.
During a few years thereafter the operations in Heerlen and Middelburg have acted as separate business units within Scheldebouw. However, since May 2010 those business units became fully integrated and all activities were combined within single departments.

Due to all of this Scheldebouw has a long and particular history influenced by various products, technologies and cultures, that has generated an international and wide professional

Today Scheldebouw has approx. 650 employees for projects in the markets in the Benelux,
UK, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. However, other markets in the world can be served in
cooperation with other business units of the Permasteelisa Group.

The Permasteelisa Group has 5 Business Units, i.e. Permasteelisa Interiors, Gartner,
Permasteelisa North America, Permasteelisa Pacific and Permasteelisa Europe / Middle
East (EME).
Scheldebouw is one of the important parts of the largest business unit Permasteelisa EME.

The Permasteelisa Group is one of the world market leaders in the field of bespoke curtain walls and fitting out of buildings with activities in 4 continents and a network of 50 companies in 26 countries.
The Group has approx. 6000 employees of which 25 percent are in R&D, design and engineering.
The Group is using the brand names “Permasteelisa”, “Gartner” and “Scheldebouw”

The design philosophy of Scheldebouw and the Group is based on “thinking on building level” and a “holistic” approach to optimize the integration of all building components and the overall performance of the building in all aspects.
It is also directed to a maximisation of prefabrication off-site and fabrication in the factories is focussed on end-assembly. This approach results in a better control of quality and short installation times on site.

Scheldebouw has design and engineering facilities (under a single department with a total of 150 employees) in Warsaw, Heerlen and Middelburg and production facilities in Heerlen (35,000 m² factory) and Middelburg (38,000 m² factory).
Scheldebouw is capable and organised to cooperate with other Business Units of the Permasteelisa Group and can therefore have the benefits of more and flexible capacities and for example, Asian efficiency and cost levels. It is also possible to supply products for the interior fit-out of buildings.

Scheldebouw takes actively part in the R&D programme of the Group, including all kinds of new developments in the field of design, software, renewable energy, energy saving, alternative materials, additional products and processes and consultancy tools and is one of the knowledge centres in the Group, with Building Physics as a focus.
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Scheldebouw (Permasteelisa Group)
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