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— Jan 20, 2016

Qualicoat Congress in London

The global organisations of QUALICOAT and QUALIDECO are having their next congress in London on the…

— Sep 9, 2015

2015 SFE Facades competition opens for entries

Following the success of the inaugural event in 2013 the Society of Façade Engineering has called…

— Aug 21, 2015

Qualicoat: Prepared for Chrome Free

During the pretreatment process of aluminium, prior to the application of powder coating, metal…

— Jul 13, 2015

Qualicoat’s 2014 Annual Report

Representing the global powder coating industry, Qualicoat continues to expand its membership with…

— May 18, 2015

Qualicoat Welcomes Sure Powder Coatings

Interest in adopting the Qualicoat standard continues in the UK with Sure Powder Coatings becoming…

— Mar 19, 2015

PAPIRUS project

The overall objective of the international PAPIRUS project is to promote, implement and validate…

— Mar 19, 2015

The Cablenet Facades of the Market Hall: Innovation in Construction

The Market Hall has been designed by Winy Maas of MVRDV and the structural design was drawn by…

— Mar 12, 2015

Qualicoat welcomes Glazing Vision

Qualicoat UK & Ireland membership continues to strengthen as the members meetings continue to be…

— Mar 6, 2015

Architecture event in Dubai

20th -21st of April, 2015. Venue Dubai, UAE The Middle East is set to experience an unparalleled…

— Mar 2, 2015

AFA Member Powdertech Completes a Statement Building

Stunning effects can be achieved with powder coated rain screen cladding, as the bold new £12.5…

— Feb 9, 2015

New Hospital of Braga, Portugal

The New Hospital of Braga, Portugal Located at the evergreen mild slopes of hills that surround the…

— Feb 3, 2015

Qualicoat Adopt BIM

The government of the UK require all building component manufacturers to be BIM (Building…

— Feb 3, 2015

Canaletto Specifies 'Super Durable'

AFA member and producer of high quality architectural powders, Akzo Nobel are specified on the…

— Nov 10, 2014

The Global Growth of Qualicoat

With its headquarters in Zurich, Qualicoat continues to expand its network across the globe.…

— Nov 10, 2014

Significant Investment in New Test Equipment by AFA Member’

Aluminium Finishing Association member, Almetron, have recently invested in new and very practical…

— Nov 4, 2014

Façade Design & Engineering Middle East Summit 2015

22-25 February 2015 in Doha, Qatar.

— Sep 17, 2014

Façade2014 – Conference on Building Envelopes

Adaptive Building Envelopes Friday, 28th November 2014, KKL Luzern Hochschule Luzern

— Sep 2, 2014

Setting the Standard for Architectural Powder Coating

Qualicoat UK and Ireland have successfully obtained RIBA approved status for their CPD entitled…

— Aug 18, 2014

Qualicoat Annual Report

Qualicoat continues to expand its network across the globe and 2013 has seen the the association…

— Aug 18, 2014

Powder coating at York's new shopping centre presents no threat to newts

Powdertech (Corby) Ltd has recently completed work on York's new £90 million shopping centre on the…

— Jul 10, 2014

Aluminium: Winning on all fronts

"Using aluminium in a construction project is one of the most responsible and cost-effective…

— Jul 10, 2014

Qualicoat AGM

Qualicoat UK and Ireland held their recent AGM at the National Metalforming Centre in West Bromwich.…

— Jun 27, 2014

3D print canal house

The World’s first 3D Printed Canal House is being printed in Amsterdam, where an international team…

— Jun 10, 2014

Qualicoat RIBA Approval CPD

Qualicoat UK and Ireland have successfully obtained RIBA approved status for their CPD entitled…

— Jun 10, 2014

Superior Install Gema

Coventry based AFA member, Superior Paint & Powder Coating Ltd, have recently invested in new powder…

— Jun 2, 2014

The Aluminium Unique Life Cycle Story

A “cradle to grave” cycle of an aluminium product system can be modelled using different process…

— May 20, 2014

TU Delft students present ‘second skin’ for energy-neutral and more spacious terraced housing

On Thursday 15 May a team of TU Delft students will present Prêt-à-Loger: a ‘second skin’ that can…

— May 14, 2014

fensterbau/frontale 2014 successfull

Over 37,000 visitors poured into the halls on the second day of the exhibition alone and set a new…

— May 14, 2014

New Membership Qualicoat

Growth in high quality powder coating for the UK’s booming construction industry is being lead by…

— May 14, 2014

Seven Up for Coating Colours

Powdertech (Corby) Ltd is proud to have been involved in a complex an exciting £14.7 million project…

— Apr 4, 2014


At the world’s biggest industry meeting place, aluminium manufacturers, processors, suppliers of…

— Mar 21, 2014

Foster + Partners exhibition to open in Bangkok

‘Foster + Partners: The Art of Architecture’ will be staged at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre…

— Mar 18, 2014

fensterbau/frontale and the Glass and Glazing Federation joining forces, linking the UK and the world

March 2014 will offer one of the world’s leading trade shows for the glass and glazing industry:…

— Mar 4, 2014

Melbourne University tower with sculptural façade

Its facade is covered with angular concrete fins, as a reference to the "chiselled masonry…

— Feb 4, 2014

A New Class of Powder Coating

Currently there are three Qualicoat classes of powder that are used for architectural coating in…

— Jan 30, 2014

SKG reaches out SKG-KOMO certificate at GEVEL 2014

During the Facade event for professionals named: GEVEL 2014 in Rotterdam 01/27/2014 SKG reached out…

— Jan 27, 2014

The Announcement of the Result of UI Greenmetric Ranking of World University 2013

University of Nottingham (UK) was ranked first with a score of 7,521

— Jan 10, 2014


Pret-a-Loger aims to transform existing houses and neighbourhoods into sustainable homes and…

— Jan 10, 2014

Homeostatic Building Facade

Architectural material technologists firm Decker Yeadon designed a double-skin glass facade system…

— Jan 7, 2014

Why Chrome-Free?

Chromium in its hexavalent/chromate form is a hazardous substance and is on the ECHA (European…

— Dec 13, 2013

Daniel Libeskind designs metallic-coated ceramic façade in Berlin

Studio Daniel Libeskind has just unveiled the design for a residential building in Berlin that, upon…

— Dec 11, 2013

Puzzle Facade

Ars Electronica’s Media Building Turned into a Giant Interactive Rubik’s Cube

— Dec 2, 2013

5 Critical Hot Spots in the Building Industry in Asia-Pacific in 2014

Sustainability Issues will Continue to Shed New Perspectives on Buildings

— Nov 29, 2013

European architects start to realise that sustainability is more than just energy efficiency

In 2012 sustainability was mainly seen as energy saving...

— Nov 28, 2013

CAB Gears Up for Ecobuild 2014

With CAB's Q3, 2013 State of the Market highlighting the highest confidence levels seen in recent…

— Nov 25, 2013

6th Annual Facade Design & Engineering Middle East

Creating iconic, sustainable and culturally specific façades that will define the future landscape…

— Nov 8, 2013

AFA Backs ‘Towards Sustainable Cities'

Coated architectural aluminium and anodised aluminium have long life expectancy and are frequently…

— Oct 30, 2013

CAB Backs ‘Specification’ Winner at Cheltenham

The last quarter of 2013 kicked off in style for CAB with a well attended Members’ Regional…

— Oct 30, 2013

Key Signs of Improvement

Optimism is one of the most important elements in any market recovery and CAB’s latest State of the…

— Oct 18, 2013

Colouring outside the box

Painted glass panels bridge modern and classical design in this vibrant façade for a new school…

— Oct 17, 2013

World’s first biobased façade

The world’s first truly biobased façade has been completed, on a building in the Netherlands. Using…

— Oct 14, 2013

The Importance of Keeping the Specification

Architects, with their extensive knowledge in sustainable construction, often draw on specialist…

— Oct 1, 2013

‘Busy Quarter 4 for CAB’

As the fenestration sector looks towards a much needed upturn in orders, CAB’s busy Q4 work…

— Oct 1, 2013

'Yas Island Hotel'

Today’s prestige buildings require coatings that exceed expectations and offer long term sustainable…

— Oct 1, 2013

'Superdurable Powder Specification'

Powder coating is well recognised as the ‘specifiers choice’ for architectural metal finishing.…

— Sep 17, 2013

FACE published in FASSADE

Article about FACE published in FASSADE/FAÇADE

— Sep 16, 2013

'ESTAL Congress'

ESTAL, the European association for Surface Treatment on Aluminium are holding their next conference…

— Sep 16, 2013

‘Store Street’s Latest Exhibit’

When it comes to specifying commercial window systems, Senior’s is rapidly becoming the premium…

— Sep 12, 2013


‘Project of the Year’ 2013 The prize will be awarded on a “Project of the Year” basis and…

— Aug 19, 2013

‘CAB Announce Optimism for Sales and Capital Investment’

The Council for Aluminium in Building celebrated its 19th AGM and Annual Dinner at the Belfry in…

— Jul 10, 2013

FACE is becoming an active community

Face is developing an interactive tool to get conversations started at the website! This makes it…

— Jun 13, 2013

Integral Façade Construction

Curtain wall constructions are one of the most applied façade constructions today. Independently…

— Jun 12, 2013

The European Research Network on Structural Glass

The research network was launched in Brussels on the 7th and 8th of April 2010. The research network…

— Jun 10, 2013


The 7th edition of the facade symposium organized by the Facade Research Group in cooperation with…

— May 22, 2013

Register with LinkedIn

From now it’s very easy to register on FACE with your Linkedin account! Anyone can register for free…

— May 15, 2013

Article about FACE in FASSADE/FAÇADE

Fabio Rea, Director SZFF Swiss Centre for Windows and Facades introduced the International Façade…

— May 6, 2013

Report Actualisation part 1a

Part 1a is available on FACE for the participants! This report, entitled ‘Actualisation to Avoid…

— Apr 22, 2013


Use the Blogs and R&D theme in FACE! This service is available for FACE participants.

— Apr 10, 2013

'CAB Thrives at Ecobuild'

There was a danger of bad news fatigue overshadowing Ecobuild 2013 but the well located CAB stand…

— Mar 22, 2013

FAECF meets in Belgium

The members of the FAECF (the European Facade Federation) came together in the building of Renson…

— Mar 18, 2013

'CAB Survey Highlights Balance of Optimism'

There is no doubt that 2013 is going to be a difficult year for all businesses in the Construction…

— Mar 15, 2013

'CAB Appoint New Technical Director'

CAB is delighted to announce that Dr Justin Furness has joined CAB as its first full time Technical…

— Mar 3, 2013

FACE is launched!

The first part of the website FACE is live. The other themes will come quickly after this. From now…

— Feb 27, 2013

Cooperation NAI

FACE talks about cooperation with the Dutch Architecture Institute

FACE news

— Dec 19, 2017

First SKG-IKOB KOMO class 5 approval for burglar resistance

On 12 December 2017, Remko Mathijssen, Commercial Director at MHB in Herveld, received the first…

— Jul 22, 2016

New burglar resistance test rig at SKG-IKOB

As of today, the laboratory of SKG-IKOB Certificatie in Geldermalsen has a new test rig available…

— Jun 21, 2016

Facade envelope newsletter from SKG-IKOB

As an associate of SKG-IKOB we present to you our “Building envelope Newsletter”. In this way we…

— Jun 19, 2016

SKG-IKOB expands activities for testing anti-theft devices

SKG-IKOB Certificatie is expanding its anti-theft testing activities for bicycle locks and…

— Dec 7, 2015

New SKG-IKOB test wall makes more tests available

SKG-IKOB Certificatie has a new test configuration for testing façade elements and curtain walls for…

— Jun 10, 2015

Curtain Walling Handbook

The second version of the Curcain Walling Handbook has been finished by ASEFAVE. This version…

— Jan 20, 2015

Which facade and window materials are really sustainable?

No holistic studies are available with regard to the sustainability of different facades and window…

— Dec 8, 2014

Creativity LAB is live!

After a long development process FACE has launched a new function: the Creativity LAB. This…

— Nov 4, 2014

HoTT: House of Tomorrow Today finished

HoTT is an abreviation of House of Tomorrow Today that was recently finished. It has been initiated…

— Jul 8, 2014

First SKG certificate for aluminium and steel constructions handed over

On June 20 last Jeroen Brouwer, director at H.J. Metaalbewerking, received from Sander Luiten,…

— Jul 4, 2014

Tectechhnical guide for windowsin the certification of the energy efficiency of buildings

ASEFAVE publishes this technical guide that discusses windows and its role in the certification of…

— May 2, 2014

Alcoa expands its activities in Europe


— Mar 17, 2014

Energy regulation Spain

From the 13th of March on, there is a new regulation about energy savings in the Spanish Building…

— Mar 6, 2014

ASEFAVE, first association to implement BIM

ASEFAVE (Spanish Association of curtain walling and windows manufacturers) and BIMETICA have signed…

— Feb 11, 2014

Striking WICONA façades in Sochi

Sochi, host city of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, has been witnessing a construction boom. Many…

— Jan 6, 2014

WICONA Scheme Wins German Façade Award

The refurbishment work carried out by Berlin-based Staab Architekten on a high-rise building at…

— Dec 18, 2013

Vetrotech is doing some serious testing for FPC Gent

Shatter and fire resistant glass are an integral part of the Forensisch Psychiatrisch Centrum (FPC -…

— Oct 22, 2013

New FACE participant: Rollecate Group

We are happy to introduce a new member of the International Façade Community. Rollecate Group joined…

— Oct 3, 2013

First SKG-KOMO approval on skylights awarded to VELUX Nederland BV

Because customers need assurance about the quality of products VELUX Nederland BV was surprised that…

— Sep 20, 2013

Save energy with light control and sun protection

Making optimum use of natural light is not simply a question of the well-being of a building's…

— Sep 20, 2013

Surgery department in Ulm receives architectural award

The surgery department of the University Hospital in Ulm, South Germany, was the first building to…

— Sep 17, 2013

'L8EST - So What’s New in Version 2'

Extensively used by several systems companies in the UK to circulate and maintain technical…

— Jul 18, 2013

Merger IKOB-BKB and SKG

After having worked together intensively for a number of months, the merger between research and…

— Jul 16, 2013

First product certificate SKG KE 3103

First product certificate SKG KE 3103 presented to Timmermans Hardglas in Hardenberg.

— Jul 15, 2013

One of Alcoa's newest innovations

AA 4110 Aluminium Sliding windows, Aluminium Sliding doors and Tilt and Slide doors

— Jul 1, 2013

Solarlux App Spaces

Solarlux aims to brighten the whole world through the transparency, lightness and vitality of our…

— Jun 24, 2013

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