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ASEFAVE, first association to implement BIM (Building Information Modeling)

ASEFAVE (Spanish Association of curtain walling and windows manufacturers) and BIMETICA have signed a cooperation agreement, which mainly consists of the development of a BIM Library with over 100 components BIM or Revit families, which will have references of ASEFAVE companies 

The content of the agreement, not only focuses on the development of a BIM Library, but also in its implementation and content distribution between the manufacturers, and the free offer of these components to the professionals.

All the content can be downloaded in

The concept of ASEFAVE BIM library is a combination of BIM generic files and BIM files with trademarks, with qualities of each one. So, BIM professional who wants to have an object will have the information of a generic product, but with all references to those companies that can provide that product.

More information about ASEFAVE BIM Library:


ASEFAVE is the Spanish Association of Curtain Walling and Windows Manufacturers, which was constituted in July 1977.

It consists of windows and curtain walling manufacturers of different materials and companies that provide components for these products, as well as others related companies, like notified bodies or regional associations.

ASEFAVE companies are the main and most representatives in the Spanish envelope sector. Since its beginning, ASEFAVE has collaborated with other European countries in technical and commercial issues related to the window, curtain walling and its components.


In Spanish:
ASEFAVE primera asociación en implementar BIM (building information modelling)

ASEFAVE y Bimetica, firmaron un Acuerdo de Colaboración, que consiste principalmente en el desarrollo de una Biblioteca BIM con más de 100 componentes BIM o familias de Revit, que contará con las referencias de las empresas asociadas a ASEFAVE.

En la noticia:
El contenido del acuerdo, no solo se centra en el desarrollo de una Biblioteca BIM, sino en su implementación y difusión entre las empresas fabricantes, así como el ofrecimiento gratuito de estos componentes a los profesionales, que los podrán descargar en

El concepto de la Biblioteca BIM de ASEFAVE, es una combinación de Archivos BIM Genéricos y Archivos BIM de Marcas, reuniendo las cualidades de cada uno. De esta forma, el profesional BIM que quiera disponer de un objeto tendrá la información de un producto genérico, pero con todas las referencias de aquellas empresas que puedan proveer ese producto.

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