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The Creativity LAB is live!

After a long development process FACE has launched a new function: the Creativity LAB. This Creativity LAB is a tool to work together online for the façade industry and all people and companies involved. Every person or company can place a call (a project, idea, question etc.) on the whiteboard to which the FACE users can react. Website link:

The world is changing quickly and the digital world has been expanded the last years. Lots of communication go via the internet, also the construction industry is slowly using the possibilities of internet. FACE is an online based communication tool for companies in the façade construction industry such as architects, engineers, suppliers, maintenance companies, service companies, knowledge centres etc. They all can get in touch via the FACE website: Now FACE has an extra dimension: the Creativity LAB.

When or why should I publish something like a call on the Creativity LAB?

- if you have a good idea but you don't know how to work it out;

- if you have a detail in your project that you cannot solve;

- if you need to get some input for your project from the facade industry;

- if you want to use the digital web for more input in your facade project;

- if you would you like to get noncommittal advice in a project.

What does a call mean?
If you would like to get in touch with the international facade industry, place a call on the online whiteboard. A call consists of a short description, pictures, sketches, files (such as drawing files for example: CAD, Sketchup etc.). After your call has been published other users can give a reaction to your call or answer your questions.

Open calls:
When you want to get input from the whole facade industry place your call publicly.

Private calls:
If you want to get input to your call from an audience selected by you,  choose the option ‘Private call’ which makes it possible to invite people individually.

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