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Almost ten years after the first edition of Curtain Walling Handbook a second edition was needed, a full review indeed. In these ten years, technology in our sector has advanced so much, some of the solutions presented in the first edition have started to become obsolete, some have appeared and others are becoming more common compared to the previous years. This is one of the main reasons for publishing this second edition. In parallel to the technological advances, updating regulations have been published. This second edition includes all these developments and changes, offering the current regulatory and normative situation.

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ASEFAVE is a Spanish façade association. Its members are window and curtain walling manufacturers of different materials and companies that provide components for these products, as well as others related companies, like notified bodies or regional associations.

ASEFAVE members are the main and most representatives in the Spanish envelope sector.

Since its beginning, ASEFAVE has collaborated with other European countries in technical and commercial issues related to the window, curtain walling and its components.

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