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First SKG certificate for aluminium and steel constructions handed over

On June 20 last Jeroen Brouwer, director at H.J. Metaalbewerking, received from Sander Luiten, commercial manager at SKG, the first SKG Certificate of Conformity for aluminium and steel constructions. This certificate indicates that the company meets the requirements of the NEN-EN 1090. From 1 July 2014, CE-marking according to this standard is mandatory for structural parts made of steel and aluminium for building applications.

To provide CE marking for products a company must have a Certificate of Conformity. The quality assurance system of the company, also called the factory production control (FPC), must first meet the requirements of NEN-EN 1090. This system must then be certified by a Notified Body such as SKG. During a documentation review and an on-site audit SKG determines whether the FPC system meets the requirements of NEN-EN 1090. In the case of a positive result, the company gets the Certificate of Conformity.  The company is now ready to provide the products with the required CE marking and the customer with the declaration of performance (DoP).

SKG has been for more than 35 years a testing institute for building products. As an independent Notified Body (NB 0960) appointed by Europe, SKG is recognized for executing certification, testing and inspections in the context of CE marking. SKG is a not-for-profit foundation. The organization was founded by the industry itself to sustainably ensure the performance and safety of industrially manufactured products and services related to the building envelope. SKG is part of SKG-IKOB Certificatie BV.

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