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HoTT: House of Tomorrow Today is recently finished

HoTT is an abreviation of House of Tomorrow Today that was recently finished. It has been initiated by the author and is based on the visions of Slimbouwen and the Danish Active House. According to Slimbouwen the process was diviated into a limited number of sub contracts, the facade is one of them. The tranparant part of the facade was built with Blyweert profiles and Saint Gobain Glass, with polymer black spacers for the double glazed panes. This strongly contributes to a well insulated solution and also to a bright and healthy indoor climate. In the facade elements also CO2 controlled natural ventilation openings from Duco were integrated. Some parts of tthe roof are nearly facades and contain quite a number of Velux windows as well as some Velux solar collectors for hot water production. The south oriented roof is also being covered by 57 PV panels. All in all the house has an energy surplus. It is the first Dutch Active house and the first object in the world being built according to both visions (Active House and Slimbouwen). It is nice to know that some facade products play a crucial role in establishing the HoTT project.

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