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'L8EST - So What’s New in Version 2'

Extensively used by several systems companies in the UK to circulate and maintain technical literature, the popular L8EST application has now been updated to Version 2.

L8EST offers systems companies the ability to distribute technical data to customers which includes general literature and large PDF technical manuals. Using the L8EST application, which is a free download from, customers can select which data they wish to download and synchronise with. Downloaded data is retained on the PC, saved in the Users ‘personal bookcase’ and can easily be accessed offline though the app.

Crucial to technical manuals is the ability for these to always be up to date - L8EST ensures that any changes made to the manuals by suppliers are automatically updated on customers computers. Security is paramount within L8EST and a User first needs to be authorised by the systems company before suppliers restricted data can be accessed.

L8EST now offers a new redesigned interface but keeps the simple three column layout with a more modern feel. Systems companies are now able to brand their pages to suit the systems on offer, but probably the most anticipated feature is the ability to undertake a search across the entire L8EST bookcase.

Most PDF software allows the user to search for text/numbers in a single manual and then show results. L8EST offers Users the ability to search for text/numbers across all PDF’s on L8EST through a simple search box in the top right of the application window. The results are shown in three sections, ‘Publications Downloaded’, with direct links to the pages where the text/number appear, ‘Publications You Can Access’, data that is not currently in a User’s personal bookcase and ‘Other Publications’, which is data that the User does not yet have authority to view.

The search function allows users to identify part numbers and seek systems advice. The search is dependent on where the search is initiated; a search on a Users personal bookcase will return results for all systems companies, whist a search on a systems company profile page will return results just for that systems company.

Systems administrators have requested that a server version be made available as duplicated data carried on devices across a network can mount up quite quickly. The new version of L8EST tackles this by offering a shared storage location for data. This simple solution is configurable under the account page within the app for all static PC’s and there is no limit to the number of users on one shared storage. New users on the network simply download L8EST, register and then browse to and select the shared location in their account page, then request authority from the systems company to begin to access data in that location.

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