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Merger IKOB-BKB and SKG

After having worked together intensively for a number of months, the merger between research and certification organisation IKOB-BKB and certification and inspection institute SKG has now been completed. On July 10th, Carel de Reus, chairman of IKOB-BKB, and Albert Zegelaar, chairman of SKG, signed the merger document under supervision of a notary. The new organisation has launched under the name SKG-IKOB. The merger has no impact on current jobs.

The existing trade names, SKG, IKOB-BKB, SKW and Keurhuis Nederland will remain intact. For the time being, the company will operate from both Houten and Wageningen. The intention is to move to a joint accommodation in the centre of the country in 2015.

Jack de Leeuw will be the chairman of the Board of Directors of SKG-IKOB. The managers of the original organisations, Olaf van Panhuys and Bastiaan Benz, will both be the managing directors of the new company.

IKOB-BKB and SKG are both renowned certification institutions for the building sector. This merger helps them to offer a wider and more intensive package of services.

The new organisation will, for example, develop all-inclusive concepts in the field of the certification and inspection of the entire building envelope and the built environment. What is more, as SKG-IKOB is able to innovate at a faster pace, it will be able to respond to the social themes of the day.

SKG has been a test institute for construction and safety products for more than 35 years. It was founded by the industry itself to ensure the sustainable performance and the safety of industrially-manufactured products and services in relation to the building envelope. Among other things, SKG is known for the SKG logo with star rating.

IKOB-BKB, with its roots in the industry and the former Bouwcentrum, has over 50 years of experience as a research and certification institute, specialising in building materials, building processes and, under the header of SKW Certification, (public) housing. IKOB-BKB provides a complete package of services for quality control and quality management, spanning the entire building chain.

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