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New burglar resistance test rig at SKG-IKOB

As of today, the laboratory of SKG-IKOB Certificatie in Geldermalsen has a new test rig available for carrying out burglar resistance tests on facade elements and building hardware. The extensive dimensions of both the test rig and the SKG-IKOB laboratory make it possible to test large facade elements, and heavy elements are no problem either.

The new test rig in Geldermalsen is suitable for test elements measuring up to 6000 mm (w) x 4000 mm (h) and was developed for tests under NEN 5096 and EN 1627 - 1630. During testing, SKG-IKOB works from the perspective of the burglar and uses tools, varying from screwdrivers and hammers to heavy grinders, to test how long it takes to create a penetrable opening in a product. The test rig is also used for burglar resistance tests on building hardware in accordance with NEN 5089 and BRL 3104. The SKG stars affixed to certified building hardware are well known. The number of SKG stars shows the burglar resistance class for which the building hardware is suitable. In addition, various types of impact test are possible based on standards such as EN 13049 and EN 14019 and tests for fall safety in accordance with the Dutch Buildings Decree and/or EN 1991-1-1/NB.

Testing products for burglar resistance enables manufacturers to prove to their customers that products such as windows and doors satisfy the requirements specified within the Buildings Decree (NEN 5096) and by the customer. The results of the test can also be the basis for issuing an SKG-IKOB KOMO approval. Continuing development enables SKG-IKOB to stay at the top of the list of test institutions and to provide innovative building companies with the best possible service.

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