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New SKG-IKOB test wall makes more tests available

SKG-IKOB Certificatie has a new test configuration for testing façade elements and curtain walls for air permeability, watertightness, strength and rigidity. The generous dimensions of the test configuration make it possible to test large façade elements. In addition, the number of test standards for which testing can be carried out has been increased and tests with overpressure and underpressure outside the values specified in the standard are also possible.

The new test configuration in the SKG-IKOB laboratory in Geldermalsen measures 5900 x 5800 mm. A façade element or curtain wall can be tested here in a laboratory environment against the same criteria as on location. The test wall can generate overpressure or underpressure well outside the standard values, up to a maximum of 6000 Pa. This means that as well as testing against standards, tests can be carried out with higher overpressure and underpressure, for example to measure deformation at these extreme pressures.

By testing a product for wind resistance and watertightness, companies give their customers the guarantee that the product complies with the most recent and relevant standards, guidelines and directives. These tests can be carried out for the award of an SKG-IKOB-KOMO approval or as initial type test (ITT testing) in the context of CE-marking. Tests are carried out in accordance with EN 1026, EN 1027, EN 12211 and EN 1873. The new test configuration can also be used to test curtain walls, element façades, non-load-bearing façade sections or partitions between the exterior and interior of a building in accordance with test standards such as EN 12153, EN 12155 and EN 12179.

SKG-IKOB already had available two mobile laboratories, which could be used for similar tests at the construction site or production location. Continuing development enables SKG-IKOB to stay at the top of the list of test institutions.

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