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SKG-IKOB expands activities for testing anti-theft devices 

SKG-IKOB Certificatie is expanding its anti-theft testing activities for bicycle locks and mechanical security devices for vehicles. The company is taking over the activities from TASS International (formerly TNO), which will no longer be providing these activities in the field of mechanical security.

SKG-IKOB will test the bicycle locks in accordance with ART inspection requirement MBT-04.  When taking out theft insurance, most insurance companies stipulate the use of an ART 04 MBT-approved lock. The ART foundation is dedicated to preventing the theft of bikes by increasing and improving preventative measures.  The following parties are represented in this foundation: ANWB, BOVAG, RAI and insurers. Kiwa SCM carries out the certification activities.

In addition, SKG-IKOB will also test the mechanical security elements of vehicles in accordance with testing requirement MP03 of the VbV (Verzekeringsbureau Voertuigcriminaliteit - insurance for vehicle crime), for which Kiwa SCM will provide the certification. This includes caravan and trailer locks, wheel clamps, gear locks, as well as outboard engines and (sea) container locks. 

TASS International has transferred these activities, along with the associated test equipment, to SKG-IKOB due to its long history and internationally respected position in the field of burglary and testing anti-theft devices, and certification of products for the construction industry. Both companies are working closely together during the transition period to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for customers.

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SKG-IKOB Certificatie delivers the complete certification package for the construction industry in one efficient process; including KOMO certification and ‘Bouwen aan MVO’ (construction industry CSR standard), ISO 9001, VCA and environmental certification (ISO 14001).

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