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Vetrotech is doing some serious testing for FPC Gent


Shatter and fire resistant glass are an integral part of the Forensisch Psychiatrisch Centrum (FPC - Forensic Psychiatric Centre)

Vetrotech has developed shatter-proof and fire resistant glazing for the FPC project. The glass installed in the Forensisch Psychiatrisch Centrum (FPC) Gent must meet the highest standards set by the Belgian authorities. This means that the glass must be completely shatter-proof for as long as 15 to 20 minutes and then, because we are dealing with a closed care facility, must also be fire resistant in class E130 and E160 for 30 to 60 minutes. Although the glass consists of single panes, two test methods are required to guarantee the right qualities of the glass.

Strictest test method in Europe The test method for the shatter-proof classification is the strictest in Europe and is only required by the Belgian authorities. This method involves not only testing the quality of the glass but also carrying out a realtime shatter test. Vetrotech’s glazing has achieved

AE15 and AE20 (Anti-Effraction) classification. Not only manpower is used to test the glass, but also a set of carefully selected tools such as hammers, wedges, crowbars and heavy chisels are used. The test method for the fire resistance is a fire test which is carried out at the University of Ghent. This two-sided fire resistant glazing (both from the inside to the outside and the outside to the inside), with the dimensions of 1355 mm x 2200 mm, resisted the fire for up to 90 minutes although the minimum requirement was 60 minutes.

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