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Architecture event in Dubai

20th -21st of April, 2015. Venue Dubai, UAE

The Middle East is set to experience an unparalleled construction boom with an unprecedented number of construction projects planned over the next 20 years. EC Harris estimated over 117 major programmes worth planned up to 2030 costing in excess of US $ 1 trillion ( A major project is defined as US$1 billion in cost to deliver ) across a combination of retail, real estate, leisure, health and education asset developments as well as transport, communication and supporting social infrastructure systems.

The success of the architecture business is directly dependent on the development and growth of the region’s economy in general and construction industry in particular. The new construction boom lifts the architecture business in high growth markets leave both local and international architecture to compete for a piece of the market share. As the government and private developers’ criteria are becoming more demanding, it is imperative for the architects to not only be able to understand the most cutting edge designs, technologies and most sustainable practices but also strive to support the ambitious economical & political development strategies behind the growth.

4th Global edition of the Leaders in Architecture Summit Leaders is the region’s largest event dedicated to developing, celebrating and connecting architects, interior designers and senior decision makers from leading international architectural  practices, contractors, developers, government officials, engineers and solution providers. Gathering over 300 industry professionals from across the region, the summit provides a unique opportunity to learn from and get inspired by leaders, luminaries, and legends from within and outside architecture who will share their insights on the opportunities, challenges, and possibilities that architectural firms face.

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