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Article about FACE in FASSADE/FAÇADE

Fabio Rea, Director SZFF Swiss Centre for Windows and Facades introduced the International Façade Community FACE in the magazine FASSADE/FAÇADE.

FASSADE is the Swiss magazine for window and façade technology. The co-operator is the Swiss Office windows and facades SZFF , in cooperation with other interested associations. Each of the four annual expenditure deals with specific topics of window and façade technology.

FACADE offers builders, architects and planners, but also investors and property managers the opportunity to develop their expertise in obtaining information and suggestions to stay up to date.


Article: FACE, the International Façade Community

The demand for international work within the facade construction industry has increased in recent years. In the Netherlands, there is little market for the façade construction industry. To keep the production lines filled and keep mechanics at work, it is necessary to look behind the Dutch borders and to be more innovative then others.
The facade construction industry can be called a progressive sector. The sophisticated technology with its carefully calculated elements become more and more innovative. Themes such as modular construction, flexible construction, updating, sustainability, green building, adaptivity, living walls are in the façade construction increasingly taken for granted during the development from initiative till the whole exploitation.
Unfortunately these developments are still too slow. During the design period the development starts from the beginning instead of a continues developing process from project to project. It’s really possible the solution for a problem here is in another country already solved for a long time. We should share these important information with each other to make progress in the façade industry.
An another aspect is the social and environmental regulations who are getting more tightened in de future. The impact of these regulations in de façade industry will be great. The façade industry should work together to anticipate to these regulations
FACE, an international façade community provides the solution for the previously mentioned aspects. FACE is a web-based community where interaction plays a major role in addition to finding information on the website. FACE always keep you  informed abuot the latest innovations and developments in the whole façade construction industry. This information has an international level. The valuable information of research and development aspects will only be shared by official participants of FACE with an account. The community connect all audiences with different interests and connect them with each other.
FACE is initiated from the FAECF (the European Federation of Building Facade) and implemented by the VMRG (Dutch Façade Association). With this European network we have a good basis to establish the international community.
FACE speaks the special language of the 3P's: this mean from Projects to Products (components) with the people who are involved in all parts and they are the spill behind the façade industry. 
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