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Qualicoat Adopt BIM

The government require all building component manufacturers to be BIM (Building Information Modelling) compliant by 2016. This is to ensure that all new work undertaken for the government from 2016 is done in the most efficient manner whilst encouraging the building industry into early adoption of BIM technology. Using the ‘Product Data Template’ or PDT, the Qualicoat UK & Ireland organisation will make available the latest specification for powder coating (14th Edition) for inclusion in the BIM process.

BIM puts all the information required for design, specification and maintenance into an electronic format, essentially binning the paper copies of literature and specifications. The information is easier to communicate and more efficient to store and retrieve. Many people have seen BIM as a 3D modelling exercise on a suitable software platform such as ‘Revit’, ‘Vectorworks’, or others, but there is no commitment to a 3D model to be BIM compliant by 2016.

An integral part of the BIM deliverable is ‘COBie’ (Construction Operations Building information exchange), this is a large spreadsheet which contains all the data required for a project. Think of COBie as a paper free collection of manufacturers’ data and specifications for any given project. Entering information would seem to be a daunting exercise for any product or service provider but CIBSE has developed an answer to this issue by developing the Product Data Template (PDT) which allows manufacturers to enter information easily in a format which can be added into COBie. CIBSE have also set up the BIM for Manufacturers and Manufacturing (BIM4M2) group which helps manufacturers become compliant. More information on BIM4M2 and downloads of the the PDT are on the CIBSE website at

Not only is the completed BIM used to build the project efficiently, all the data remains with the building and is transferred to the client. The information can be used to determine the implications of future physical changes to the building by changing data first within the model. Key for building owners is the maintenance data held within the model which ensures that the correct cleaning and replacement of parts can be completed efficiently.

Qualicoat and their membership is making completed PDT’s available via their website in order for specifiers to ensure they can obtain the Qualicoat data they require to specify the standard within a BIM model. Over half the professional powder coating companies in the UK are members of Qualicoat, including virtually all powder manufacturers and pretreatment providers. By vertically integrating the powder coating process, a Qualicoat specification ensures that the completed finish is both robust and performs as expected by the specifier and ultimately the client.

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