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'ESTAL Congress'

ESTAL, the European association for Surface Treatment on Aluminium are holding their next conference which is to take place at the Hotel Sheraton in Krakow, Poland on the 25-27 September 2013.

As the construction industry begins to grow again across Europe it is vitally important for supply chain companies in the sector to make the right decisions about finishing methods, material supply and pretreatment systems.

The conference will highlight various aluminium markets across the world, explore the latest developments in the aluminium extrusion and construction market, take a fresh look at specific technologies and applications of aluminium treatment, investigate the influence of process parameters and review the impact of these changes on developing European legislation.

The event will not only provide the perfect opportunity for industry participants to learn more about market changes but also a chance to network with key players from the aluminium surface treatment supply chain. Members of Qualicoat UK & Ireland will be attending and representing powder coating companies in the UK and Ireland.

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