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FAECF meeting in Belgium

Thursday 21 and Friday, March 22, members of the FAECF (European Federation Facade) came together for a meeting. In the FAECF are the representatives of the facade industry from different European countries. 

FAECF, the ‘Federation of the European Window and Curtain Wall Manufacturer Associations’ represents 15 national associations of the metal construction industry. 
The General Secretariat of FAECF is located in the Netherlands, its Technical Secretariat is in Frankfurt. The objective of FAECF is to strengthen and extend the position of the European fenestration industry in the market. It contributes essentially to European harmonization in fenestration and serves as an information center for the public. European collaboration is increasingly gaining in significance with the implementation of the Single Market. Many issues which used to be addressed only at the national level, need to be reconsidered from an international point of view.

The 22th of March the FAECF meeting was held in the Renson building in Waregem (Belgium)

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