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‘Project of the Year’ 2013

The prize will be awarded on a “Project of the Year” basis and international applications are welcome from individuals, companies or project teams.

The award will be bestowed by the Society on an individual, company or organisation that has submitted a brief application where there has been a clear demonstration of excellence in the technical design and/or research that has made a significant contribution to the discipline of façade engineering, either in the development of technologies, materials, product designs, systems or buildings contributing to the urban built environment when employed on a project.

The contribution may be demonstrated in the form of technical advances, innovations, or advanced engineering systems that result in practical design solutions for the completion of a project. 

The Deadline for Entry

All entries must be received by 1st November 2013 and those shortlisted will be notified by 15th November 2013.  The award will take place during the evening function at the London Hilton Canary Wharf on Wednesday 20th November.


The Glass Supper is an intimate gathering of a few visionary individuals noted for their passion when it comes to high performance architectural facades. Beginning with an afternoon of topical discussion and debate, based on issues that look set to become disruptive technologies and show signs indicative of the way the industry intends to move collectively forward. The event will continue in the hotel banqueting suite where supper will follow, interrupted by a presentation for the Society of Façade Engineering’s “Project of the Year” award.

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