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In the framework of an international PAPIRUS project a call for four, large international public procurements has been announced on 17th March 2015! The tenders are addressed especially to Small and Medium Enterprises from all around the Europe who deliver energy saving building solutions.

PAPIRUS tenders have been announced in each of the following countries: Germany (Enzkreis), Italy (Turin), Norway (Oslo) and Spain (Sestao). Tenders are divided by lots to enable SMEs participation in the project. All four tenders follow a similar structure and share a common evaluation methodology, in order to simplify submitting bids in more than one tender thus encourage SMEs to increase their activities on foreign markets.

Because of the impact on buildings energy performance, PAPIRUS public procurements focus on:

  • Technologies and solutions that reduce the energy losses through buildings opaque envelope;
  • Technologies and solutions that reduce energy losses in winter and solar gains through window in summer;
  • Technologies and solutions for light weight prefabricated panels with low specific CO2 emissions.

SMEs are invited to create alliances between enterprises from different countries. Directory of companies interested in creating consortia within PAPIRUS project is available here:

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