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Powder coating at York's new shopping centre presents no threat to newts

Powdertech (Corby) Ltd has recently completed work on York's new £90 million shopping centre on the outskirts of the city. The shopping centre boasts new stores including John Lewis, Next and Marks and Spencer's and a range of eating facilities. The site was a year under construction, following a four month delay whilst a growing population of great crested newts were individually caught and re-located to a specially created £300,000 wetland habitat nearby.

"We were delighted to find that the environmental credentials of powder coating were particularly relevant to this prestigious job," said Powdertech (Corby) Sales Director, Richard Besant. "Environmental responsibility is paramount and the developers took the re-housing of the newts very seriously. With a protected wetland habitat nearby it was satisfying to know that there was no risk of harmful chemicals entering the water system. Powder coatings contain no harmful solvents, VOCs or hazardous waste. And as they are applied in a factory environment rather than on site there is no risk of overspray, leakage or air pollution."

This is a smart and eye-catching new development with 'vertical gardens' on the exterior of the Marks & Spencer's store. Powdertech coated the rain screen cladding alongside these installations with (name of product), a high quality powder providing a performance guarantee of 25 years which the client specifically requested. Powdertech also coated numerous soffit panels and end panels for canopies around the restaurant and refreshments area using Valspar RAL 9010 white matt, RAL 9007 dark metallic grey and RAL 7024 matt grey.

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