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Qualicoat AGM

Qualicoat UK and Ireland held their recent AGM at the National Metalforming Centre in West Bromwich. The meeting was well attended with representatives from all member companies. In the UK & Ireland President’s opening remarks, Alan Maginnis explained that the association continues to grow in the UK and is attracting further new members. Alan formally welcomed Glazing Vision as a new member to the meeting.

One of the main changes to the association is the appointment, from January 2015, of IfO for inspection & testing of Qualicoat licensed applicators. A German based company, IfO specialise in surface testing technology and are already appointed in the UK to independently inspect the production of powder coating systems. In accordance with the current Qualicoat specification, members are independently and randomly inspected twice a year to ensure that production meets the specification. Any failures could mean that a member loses their Qualicoat licence.

The association now have an RIBA approved CPD and there was some discussion as to who will be providing the service to specifiers across the country. It was agreed that members would become familiar with the service and provide on a regional basis so that specifiers can receive CPD by an experienced local Qualicoat member.

Mo Panam, Qualicoat’s global President offered the AGM an update on the work of the Qualicoat technical group. One of the biggest projects is being undertaken at the moment is on colour tolerance and it is hoped that there will be feedback at future meetings on this crucial research. Chrome free pretreatment has now been adopted by 55% of all members globally and adoption continues to rise.

The next general meeting of Qualicoat is to be held in Scotland in late November, further details will be announced soon on the Qualicoat website.Should you wish to book the CPD, please contact Qualicoat’s Technical Secretary, Tom Siddle by email on For further information on the UK & Ireland association visit the website at You can also follow the association on Twitter @Qualicoat.

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