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Qualicoat Annual Report

Qualicoat continues to expand its network across the globe and 2013 has seen the the association sealing its position as the number one association for accreditation with a quality label and a global standard for architectural finishing. Following the first applicator member in India in 2012 Qualicoat now welcome a new association in India, QUALINDAL, based in Mumbai. Further news during the year confirmed further general licence being agreed for RAEA (Russian Aluminium Extruders Alliance) and there are further general licences in the pipeline.

Class 2 powders are becoming more widely specified on projects as they can offer extended warranties on both glass levels and UV stabilisation and it is here that the association is seeing growth in both the commercial and residential sector.

In the UK, Qualicoat UK & Ireland represent the interests of the majority of powder coaters in the UK. Meetings are held for members and presentations of specific items of interest help members keep up with legislation and technology. Working together on research projects, the UK’s groups work hand in hand with the wider Qualicoat global community which in turn feeds into frequent reviews of the Qualicoat standard applicable to all members.

A copy of Qualicoat’s Annual Report is available on the Qualicoat UK & Ireland website as a PDF download and outlines the global organisations activities during 2013.

To ensure your project benefits from the quality and consistency that Qualicoat can offer, simply request for a Qualicoat approved supplier when placing orders for any fenestration profiles, commercial or for home improvement. To specify, just ad to your specification that material must be supplied from a Qualicoat approved applicator.

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