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Significant Investment in New Test Equipment by AFA Member

Aluminium Finishing Association member, Almetron, have recently invested in new and very practical testing equipment which further enhances their comprehensive customer support services and is very much in response to the requirements of chromate and phosphate replacement technologies. Almetron offer a broad range metal finishing chemical formulations across the industry including a significant number of proven environmentally friendly alternatives.

The addition to our testing facilities is particularly aimed at the architectural finishing sector of the construction industry, such as the testing of aluminium pre-treatment systems prior to powder coating and anodising systems. Architectural finishing is a market sector that is growing quickly as the construction sector continues to improve in the UK.

Ian Rogers of Almetron comments on the new acquisitions, “Having recently installed new facilities at our Wrexham manufacturing site means, along with our current comprehensive analysis and advice service , Almetron can now offer customers elemental surface analysis using XRF.  Having also added to our corrosion testing suite new salt spray cabinets and new humidity cabinets allows us to have dedicated cabinets for ASS, Humidity and NSS thus significantly increasing our testing capacity and capability.” Customer support has always played an important role in our business and anything which we do that improves this area gives a great sense of satisfaction.

“With the ever increasing use of replacement surface treatment technologies the requirement for regular performance related data is now increasing as an essential  part of this support service”

The AFA was established 30 years ago with its goal to bring together, suppliers, powder coaters and anodisers to ensure that a consistently high standard of finishing was available to the building and construction sector. The Association was a key contributor to BS 6496:1984 ‘Specification for powder organic coatings’, which for many years has been the key resource for architects and specifiers across the UK. More information is available on the AFA website at

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