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SKG reaches out SKG-KOMO certificate at GEVEL 2014

During the Facade event for professionals named: GEVEL 2014 in Rotterdam 01/27/2014 SKG reached out the SKG-KOMO attest with product certificate for the company Geluk & van Hoof from Waalwijk (Netherlands).

The certificate is issued on the basis of BRL 3241 for fire-resistant steel doors, windows and doors.

In the context of this BRL, a judgment has been done on the fire resistance properties of aluminium and steel frames, windows, doors and shutters.

Left: Sander Luiten, Commercial manager, SKG,
middle: Hans Geluk, Geluk & van Hoof, Waalwijk,
right: Toon van Hoof, Geluk & van Hoof, Waalwijk.

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