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Superior Install Gema

Coventry based AFA member, Superior Paint & Powder Coating Ltd, have recently invested in new powder coating plant. The new plant is located at the heart of their production process replacing their existing powder coat booth and curing oven.

Superior has chosen to invest in a state of the art GEMA powder spray booth, Bill Singh, Managing Director explains: “Our old plant had been in place for a number of years and whilst we could still get good quality coatings through the plant it was due for retirement. The new GEMA plant enables us to be more efficient with our powder use, recycling unused powder and colour changes are that much quicker. The result is a quicker throughput with less downtime, which benefits our customers.”

The new curing oven offers higher running efficiency, using less energy and is more uniform in its heat distribution. This further benefits the coating process by allowing a greater throughput.

Superior Paint and Powder coating offer a totally complete polyester powder coating service providing exceptional high quality paint finishes to architectural aluminium extrusions, aluminium panels, aluminium cladding, bespoke pressings, stock aluminium extrusions and rainwater goods. More information on this AFA member can be found on their website at

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