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'Yas Island Hotel'

Today’s prestige buildings require coatings that exceed expectations and offer long term sustainable solutions. The Yas Island Hotel, synonymous with the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, is an excellent example of the quality supply chain which exists within the AFA.

Five thousand, five hundred ‘Nodes’ cover this prestige hotel, each one fitted with a programable LED light source. The notes are powder coated in Syntha Pulvin, Synthatec Premium, the colour is RAL 9016 matt white; Synthetic Premium powder was specified as it offers proven performance in the demanding middle east environment.

The lighting system was provided by Cooper Lighting Limited who designed and assembled the system. The ‘Nodes’ are formed using 4 machined aluminium components forming a cylinder 400 mm long and 100 mm in diameter. During the powder coating process areas of toleranced machining, such as machine threads and heat sink, were masked prior to coating. Upon completion of powder coating the components the threads were checked and lubricated. Each component was then individually wrapped prior to despatch.

AFA member, Powdertech Corby, completed the coating on the Yas Island Hotel. Working closely with the client and designer, the logistics were agreed prior to undertaking the work. Early specification dialogue with Cooper Lighting ensured that materials were right for the project, whilst ensuring components arrived in time for final assembly by the customer.

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Yas Island Hotel

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