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Sven Brinkman

CEO at Neroqom. Your Aesthetic Doctor for Highrise Buildings & Superyachts. NeroQom is your global partner working on project management and providing excellent solutions in renovation, repair, protection, upgrade and maintenance in highrise buildings facades & interior partition systems and superyachts with its headquarters in Oosterhout, The Netherlands. NeroQom is a growing international company present in Europe with an office in Belgium and a Superyacht promotional office in Italy.
Tags: aesthetic comfort, renovation, repair, protection, upgrade, maintenance.
Sven Brinkman

Sven Brinkman

NeroQom is acting worldwide as an aesthetic doctor for materials such as glass, anodised & powdercoated aluminium, paintwork, polyplast, plastics, bricks & masonry, stainless steel and gel coat composites. NeroQom brings its know-how, expertise and performance to all projects in particular when dealing with damage, contamination known as Aesthetic Degradation beginning with the design development phases, construction, completion and all the way in exploitation achieving the customers' expectations. NeroQom® International. With the assistance of in the industry leading persons in architecture, construction and facade construction we participate in different countries. We help a local entrepreneur to start NeroQom succesfully to sell 'Aesthetic Comfort' in the highrise building industry.
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Primary address
NeroQom Oosterhout, The Netherlands

Secondary address
NeroQom Antwerp, Belgium

+31 (0)162 466 002


+31 (0)162 463 310


Director and owner at NeroQom. Your Aesthetic Doctor for Highrise Buildings & Superyachts.

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entrepreneurship, construction, new business development, sales management, contract negotiation, sustainability, architectures, project planning, change management, B2B.

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