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Clear fire resistant safety glass 30 minutes integrity (E30). This thin, elegant, fire resistant glass has improved mechanical integrity and anti-breakage properties.
Mark Van Tilborg


In the event of a fire Pyroswiss provides an effective barrier against the passage of smoke, flames, and hot toxic gases. By remaining transparent and fully intact, the glazing allows people to make their escape and rescue services to be fully aware of any impending danger. Rapid access can be achieved safely to facilitate hose access, smoke evacuation, and rescue efforts.

• Toughened safety glass
• UV and temperature range stability
• Internal & external use
• Can be fitted in standard timber and steel window frames, partitions, and doors in large panel sizes
• Can be used as full-height glass partitions in clear, tinted (Parsol, Stadip Color or other) or decorative glass (Masterglass, Satinovo)
• Pyroswiss Climaplus can be combined with safety & security (Stadip, Stadip Protect), enhanced thermal insulation (Planitherm Ultra), acoustic insulation (Stadip Silence), solar control (Antelio, Cool Lite, Parsol), decorative (Masterglass, Satinovo, Emalit, Privalite)
• Vertical/horizontal constructions

Pyroswiss is available in four basic multifunctional versions:
• Single glazing (6-12 mm)
• Laminated
• Double glazed units
• Smoke barrier system (Pyroswiss SBS DH30)
Pyroswiss’ flexibility is best illustrated when glass is incorporated into Pyroswiss Climaplus. These double glazed units can include other functions such as:
• Enhanced thermal insulation (Planitherm Ultra)
• Enhanced acoustic insulation (Stadip Silence)
• Increased safety and security (Stadip, Stadip protect)
• Solar control (Antelio, Cool Lite, Parsol)
• Improved decorative and aesthetic qualities (Masterglass, Satinovo, Emalit, Privalite)
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