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Protect Glass

From July 2013, Saint-Gobain Benelux Vetrotech expended her specialty and range with, in addition to fire protection solutions, now Protect solutions. With this product expansion Vetrotech Saint-Gobain become your all-round point in the field of safety glazing that complies the highest requirements.
Tags: Blast, bullit, attack resistance
Mark Van Tilborg

Protect Glass

ATTACK Resistant Glass:
Due to a constant rise in burglaries, increasing damages by vandalism we are mostly forced to a higher security standard in the private and public sectors.

Bullet Resistant Glass:
Fire arms are one of our world greatest dangers and glass usually is a perfect penetration point for attacks with ballistic armory cause of its relative weakness.

Blast resistant glass:
We often receive reports of bomb attacks on public buildings, military or institutional constructions. The explosive is preferably ignited at some distance from the building in a suitcase or in a car. Different quantities of explosives are used. Simple and common glazing naturally cannot withstand the impact of such forces.

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