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Stick system curtain walls

A passive house does not require an active heating system and therefore relies heavily on the thermal insulation and air-tightness of the façade. Based on the standard series, WICTEC 50 is certified for aluminium/glass façades suitable for passive houses at minimal additional cost. The thermal insulation is improved to passivehouse quality with a Uf value of 0.74 W/(m²K) when using triple glazing and an easy-to-install thermal break profile
Allison Ballistreri

Stick system curtain walls

System width: 50 mm
Basic system: WICTEC 50
Thermal insulation: Uf= 0,74 W/(m²K)
Infill thickness: 45 mm bis 51 mm
Glass weight: bis 5,6 kN
Polygon façade: bis ±5°

System technology:

• Extension to WICTEC 50 with optimised thermal insulation.
• Certified by the ift Rosenheim as a passive house component according to the ift
guidance paper RI WA 15/1, with a Ucw value of 0.7 W/(m²K).
• Triplex glass construction suitable for passive houses, infill thickness from 45 mm
to 51mm.
• Thermal break profile made of elastomer foam for posterior installation.
• System construction identical to standard WICTEC 50.
• Individual design thanks to a wide range of profile geometries for the structural and
glazing profiles.
• Reliable glass load transmission (up to 5.6 kN), with adapted transom-joint
• Overlapping and secure drainage at the cross point, without mechanical mullion
processing, ensures tried-and-tested impermeability.
• Filigree look without any change in appearance to the inner mullion and transom gaskets.
• Broad selection of profiles enables economic adaptation to structural
requirements, with the additional option of internal reinforcement.
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