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Stick system curtain walls

In certain cases, it is aesthetically or structurally beneficial to design curtain walls with supporting structures made from wood or steel. WICTEC 50A is a mounting option which makes it possible to fix the glazing on such supporting structures directly. WICTEC offers a free choice of supporting material – aluminium, steel or wood – for an identical outer appearance and glazing technology for the curtain wall.
Allison Ballistreri

Stick system curtain walls

System width: 50 mm
Supporting Frames: ab 50 mm
Structural profiles: Wood pofiles
Steel tubes
Open steel profiles

System technology:

Free choice of material (steel or wood), for profile widths from 50 mm
Same interface profile for mullions and transoms
Overlapping via vertical and horizontal single-Piece overarching sealing profiles with different drainage levels
Simple and efficient fixing of the aluminium profile by means of screws
Alternative simple fixing technique using steel studs for steel tubes with a wall thickness from 4 mm
Ideal for vertical and polygon façades, sloped glazing and spatial structures
Glazing from outside with visible or concealed screws
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