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Balcony glazing SL 25R

Framed slide and swivel system, non heat insulated

The SL 25R framed balcony system features increased impermeability and improved noise reduction (up to 25 dB). It goes without saying that this system also opens and closes easily thus providing direct access to nature and your patio and balcony can be used all year round.
Tags: balcony glazing, aluminium
Heidi Nahuis

Balcony glazing SL 25R

Technical Information
• 27 mm panel thickness
• Framed slide and swivel system
• Transparency: Panel joints of only 46mm width ensure maximum view
• Glazing with single pane safety glass
• Cleaning of the outer glass surface is easily carried out from the inside
• Can be combined with SL 45 standard window system: parapets, fixed panels, tilt and turn
• Glass thickness 6, 8 or 10 mm available
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