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SL Modular balcony system

Transparent shelter with high sound insulation
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Heidi Nahuis

SL Modular balcony system

The area around Wehbers Park is particularly favoured by the older inhabitants in the tradition-steeped Eimsbüttel quarter of Hamburg. Yet the busy thoroughfare Fruchtallee poses a large noise pollution problem for the residents. With a higher quality of living in mind for inside the newly constructed senior centre and nursing home “Haus am Wehbars Park”, the existing noise pollution of up to 73 dB had to be compensated for with extensive sound insulation measures.

The five-storey building comprising 158 single rooms and 13 double rooms in addition to an array of spacious communal rooms and treatment facilities was built by the Hamburg architects’ office Böbs commissioned by construction company Wilhelm Kurth Bauregie GmbH, using the typical North German construction material, red bricks, and thus melts seamlessly into the aged architecture of its surroundings. An economic balcony and façade design using the innovative SL Modular balcony system from the market-leading system developer and manufacturer Solarlux from Bissendorf was put to optimal use.

Due to the high amounts of traffic noise, the required building sound insulation for the windows and doors of the senior centre was set at 45 dB – exceptionally high! The integration of Solarlux balcony modules was able to reduce the required sound insulation to 30 dB despite the large window surfaces. This allowed the windows to be reclassified from their initial required high sound insulation class 5 to sound installation class 2 when work was finished.

The SL Modular system which combines parapet elements and glazing in a modular fashion offers a diverse range of design possibilities. The senior residence “Haus am Wehbers Park” now features a total of 52 modules with 239 panels of the highly transparent, uninsulated SL 25 glazing, which give the residents extra living room and allow uninterrupted views of their surroundings. The all-glass panels can also be completely slid to the side.

The parapet elements and glazing of the installed SL Modular system are preassembled in the factory and delivered as complete, ready-to-install elements – an enormous advantage for new balconies and balcony renovations or extensions as assembly times are reduced to a minimum. The balcony glazing for the senior centre in Hamburg was created in the wrap-around format – no annoying corner sections to ruin the view! The glazed parapet elements of the balcony complement the open and friendly character of the building.
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