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Conservatorium Amsterdam

• Architect: Architecten Cie, Amsterdam
• Contractor: Academy of Music Amsterdam
• Completion date: 2008
• Building type: School
• Facade type: Aluminium Stick System
Tags: Aluminium facade, anodised, Scheldebouw
Scheldebouw (Permasteelisa Group)

Conservatorium Amsterdam

"The facade of the Music Academy project consists of both aluminium and wood, aluminium from level 4 and wood from ground floor until level 3. The aluminium part is a so called “saw tooth” facade, a sort of vertical shiplab, consisting of 470 panels, with dimensions 2,16 m x 4,62 m. The twist in position of saw tooths at adjacent floors adds to the playfull effect. The saw tooth panels have 734 small, openable windows, controlled by a Building Management System. The openable windows are small, only 160 mm wide, and function as ventilation windows.

The aluminium extrusions have been black anodised both inside and outside of the building.
The Music Academy can be described best as a combined college and concert hall. Because of the complex acoustic criteria and the high standard for sound proofing the building has been, as it were, turned inside out. The “Engawa” principle has been used: a Japanese typology for residential buildings, in which the hallways are positioned externally of the building. In this way, the hallways to the class and study rooms function as a sound and climate barrier and the indoor traffic is visible from the outside.

The first four storeys of the building are covered by a wooden saw tooth, which is unique in it’s form. The cladding frame consists of 14 metre high, wooden mullions that are fully thermally broken, by splitting the internal and external skin. This wooden facade has completely been engineered by Scheldebouw.

The large diversity of the aluminium and wooden saw tooth facade makes the Music Academy a technically extraordinary project, with an overwhelming appearance. The Academy of Music received the Facade NBD Architecture Award 2010."
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