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New Babylon

• Architect: Meyer & Van Schooten Architecten, Amsterdam
• Contractor: Bouwcombinatie New Babylon VOF
• Developer: Babylon Den Haag B.V.
• Building type: Commercial Office
• Facade type: Aluminum Single Skin Façades
Tags: Cold/warm facade, anodised, aluminium
Scheldebouw (Permasteelisa Group)

New Babylon

"New Babylon is situated around the existing Babylon building next to The Hague Central Station.The new building parts consist of two residential towers and two office buildings. Main feature of the cladding is the stepped edge of metal sheet work with screen printed glazing in between. This is found in the tower and the office buildings and mainly defines the new appearance.

The residential towers are 31 and 45 storeys high and have been designed by Scheldebouw as “cold / warm” facade. The warm cladding parts are bands of vision glass. Cold, prefabricated panels are located between the vision glass bands and consist of sheet work and single glazing. The residential tower has bottom and top hung, tilt windows. The installation of the residential towers is unique. The concrete is continuously poured using climbing shuttering. The cladding is installed from climbing scaffolding, that moves up together with the concrete walls. Supply of cladding panels for installation is solved by putting containers on the climbing scaffolds.

The office buildings mainly consist of cladding panels of 1,8 x 3,6 meters. A decorative fin is attached to the panels, which is natural anodised and contrasts highly with the aluminium extrusions (that are black anodised at the outside and black coated at the inside). The tapering of the sheet work is solved by the glazing. The glazed panels also have bottom and top hung tilt windows, of which half also has top vents. The support structure of the buildings differs. It is mainly prefabricated concrete, but at the bridging of the hotel, a steel truss carries the building, with a free span of 80 meters."
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Employees: 200-499, Industry: Processor

The Hague

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