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International Facade Community

RAI Elicium

• Architect: Van Benthem en Crouwel Architecten
• Contractor: VBK Groep
• Completion date: 2009
• Building type: Exhibition
• Facade type: Aluminium Double Skin Façades
Tags: Double facade, aluminium facade
Scheldebouw (Permasteelisa Group)

RAI Elicium

"The Elicium is the most recent addition to Amsterdam RAI, the international trade and congress organisation for which Benthem Crouwel has been supervising architects since 1989. The Elicium emerges from the ground plane in one fluid movement. As a result, the various functions are brought together in a very distinctive structure.

The high rise element consists of an aluminum facade of approximately 1500 m2 which functions as a semi-climatic façade. Inside this wall is provided with a canvas awning, and the air in between the cloth and the glass is extracted. There are also a number of different window strips and doors supplied.

The new ‘ballroom’, a large, column-free space for events and exhibitions, which features sliding walls to facilitate many different configurations, floats five metres above street level and creates, as it were, a large canopy over the new entrance to the RAI. This entrance connects spatially to the lower level by a void. This corridor as well as one on the first floor connects the Elicium with the existing complex. Raised half a level from the ‘ballroom’ there are four congress halls that are linked to one another spatially but can be used separately."
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