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A work of art…

A work of art…...built of glass, steel and copper.
Renzo Piano’s new wing of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Klaus Lother Managing Director Josef Gartner GmbH
Tags: Glass solutions, glass facades
Henk de Bleecker

A work of art…

A ‘glass umbilical cord’ connects Renzo Piano’s extension to the historic palace that houses the rest of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Visitors approach the museum’s new wing via this narrow, glassenclosed corridor. Its copper-clad glass architecture can even be considered a work of art in itself. The new building stands at a respectful distance from the Venetian palace that it pays homage to. The highly transparent glass façades bathe the enclosed paintings and sculptures in pure, natural light.

The people of Boston showed an instant affection for the building, selecting it in 2012 for the People’s Choice Award of the Harleston Parker Medal, as ‘the single most beautiful building or other structure’ to be built in the Metropolitan Area of Boston in the last ten years.
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