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Building performance

Everything has changed, architecture has changed, façade building materials have changed, but no company ever reacted to these changes:
The degradation of glass, like loss of transparency, gloss and scratches...
The degradation of coated aluminium, like loss of colour, gloss rate and hardness…
The degradation of anodised aluminium, degradation of stainless steel…
Never before have modern façade materials been ‘cured’ of degradation by a single professional… Until NeroQom®.
Sven Brinkman

Building performance

Are you suffering from façade degradation? Older style products have offered inferior results on glass & aluminium façades for years.

With the many issues that these products create both environmentally and aesthetically, quality is a real talking point. With NeroQom® all modern façade elements such as glass, aluminium, stainless steel and composite can now be cleaned, renovated & protected to the highest quality and are over 87% more efficient.

The NeroQom® Discipline Menu:
(Products + Techniques) is the best direct replacement for acid, alkali, abrasives, oils, waxes and other aggressive cleaners and “bad result” protectors. To start Aesthetic Comfort you let NeroQom® perform at a project. Or you work yourself with our products, and if necessary undertake specialist training.

Key features:
- Green & Eco safe Experience
- New result
- Low water & product consumption
- No damage to surrounding façade materials
- High rise building application with minimal water drainage
- Complete Product, Equipment & Training concept
- Trained specialist application only
- Project survey & consultancy assistance
- Façade management from the design phase until building operation
- International Aesthetic Comfort references
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