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Technical Manuals app

L8EST is a free app that carries suppliers technical manuals.

The app is free to use, see underneath the installation file.
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Adrian Toon
L8EST Limited

Technical Manuals app

So what is L8EST?

cloudL8EST is FREE app that works with the L8EST cloud service providing technical manuals to ‘Users’, who are often engineers, fabricators, designers, draughtsmen, in fact anyone working within a manufacturing and installation supply chain.

L8T109aManufacturers of systems, or products, that rely on supplying technical manuals to ensure the correct assembly or use of their products, place their technical manuals on the L8EST cloud and are known as ‘Publishers’. Users use the L8EST app to download just the technical manuals they need from the cloud, from various Publishers. Technical manuals downloaded are stored locally on the Users PC and are therefore available for immediate reference.

L8T108aDeveloped from the Users viewpoint, the app offers a single location to store various technical manuals from various Publishers. Users use the L8EST app to build a personal bookcase of technical data that they carry on their PC which is also available off line. The key benefit to adopting L8EST for technical manual distribution, is that once a technical manual is updated by a Publisher and sent to the L8EST cloud, all Users who are ‘carrying’ that technical manual will have their copy automatically updated by the app.

Security is a crucial aspect to any technical manual distribution system. L8EST has been designed to ensure only authorised Users have access to sensitive information on a per Publisher basis. A User usually has one email address within their business, often linked to their business URL, and all PC’s are equipped with a unique MAC code. L8EST uses both of these items of data to form a secure unique User reference that cannot be shared or copied. Passwords to access technical manuals from a website relies on the User not sharing his password and the encouragement to revisit and download again if there has been any updates.

log-onPublishers have access via a log on to the L8EST cloud to manage their Users and the technical manuals. The Publisher cloud log-on also features a comprehensive reporting system which offers Publishers information on which technical manuals have been downloaded and the number of times they have been used.

Nothing exists in the market at the moment which offers a ‘wide market document management service’ - L8EST has been developed to fill this need.

The L8EST app will always remain free for Users, Publishers pay a nominal fee per month to remain on the service, the fee is based on a sliding scale dependent on total data carried on the cloud. There are no additional fees for numbers of Users or bandwidth usage.

L8EST is designed to work globally - Publishers can select which countries to make visible technical manuals depending on for example climate and the county’s local legislation.

A Publisher wishing to withdraw a product from the market simply removes the technical manual from the L8EST cloud - this will ensure that the technical manual is deleted from all Users personal bookcases.

New features in version 2 of L8EST offers the ability to use a Publishers own branding, a powerful search function across all technical manuals on the service and an option for a shared storage when using L8EST on a network, to name a few.

For a demonstration of the benefits of adopting L8EST for your technical manual distribution contact me directly.
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